Adele - Someone Like You

Now, I want to say something.

Perhaps 'the our story' would be able to be called.

There are some laughs in our story.

And it contains beautiful people.

Also, nice scenery would not be missed.

At first, I did not know.

People with other names,

People from other countries,

People who look different.

Yeah, at first I didn't know that these people will remain my most cherished memories line.

But, now I know.

The times that we shared together,

The spaces that we shared together,

Even the memories that we shared together,

that all hot summer days are,

Will remain in my mind forever. I am sure.

Maybe, you want to ask me how can you assure.

Well, the answer is..

I don't know.

I don't know what it is.

If there are some plausible reasons,

For any reason can not explain it enough.

But, paradoxically, it is enough.

By meeting these people and,

Also, by parting with these people,

I felt something precious. so, It is enough.

I will not say 'goodbye'

I want to say just like meeting again soon.

Because, Our second story will be more beautiful than this memory..

OK. bro and sis, My summer was full of unforgettable story. 
It seemed to never end, but that story already let down a curtain.
There were moments was like movies, so I want to express that this is not the end but just the end of one act in our story.
I feel like actor in our story and I am really happy to be with you guys. Thank you because you were with our story.
I can't say 'Don't forget' or 'Please, remember me'. but if our story is come across sometimes in your mind, just sometimes in your life, it is enough for me.

Thank you all, thank you for everything. 

Take care until writing our second story.

To Ivy, Abby, Bayu, Enno, Nicole, Monique, Jason, Hyejin, Jin, Forest, Cloud, Peter, Alisa and Liza, From Kyu :)

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